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You will not wanna miss any of the tunes in this one..maybe Taylor's number 5... Tune in tomorrow for the conclusion of our end of the year festivities with the top 5 games of 2017 Sockscast! And awaaaaaaaaaay we go on our collective gaming journey that was the year 2017.

Join Polly, John, and Rhete as they look back at part one of the year that was the best games they played this year, and as always we got a whole heaping load of listener lists with some hotness you won't wanna miss!

Tune in tomorrow for the first half of the Sockscast Game of the Year extravaganza! We'll be doing our usual end of the year rounds with podcasts once again this year to give you a little post-holiday cheer and keep those stockings a little extra stuffed.

Below is the schedule on when those podcasts will be going up!

Get yourself nice and comfy, but not too comfy because you're gonna be rockin' out to some of the only tunes released this year that matter!We'll also be taking questions and interacting with chat throughout the show, so feel free to stop by and hang out with a lot of cool as eff folks while we do our dumb talky thing for a few hours! Pollyliveshow So, at the moment, we're aiming for Sunday, August 27th, at around 7-8PM EST to do the Sockscast 3rd anniversary live show, and we'd like your feedback on that to see if we're in a good spot for most folks. Doing a podcast like the Sockscast requires a good bit of media consumption in order to participate and actually, ya know, have things to talk about, and for a while that's simply not where my head's been.(The show will be archived in both podcast and video form, but we're just putting feelers out for the date/time.) So, please leave a vote here and let us know how you feel about the currently planned arrangement. Since the release of Her Lullaby back in February, I've found myself in a more creative space and wanting to work on other games/media that I currently have in production.It was then that she approached a Fairfax journalist with her allegations, he said. History buffs, comic book collectors, gamers, scientists and tech junkies–hot, smart men = double-swoon. I’m just gonna be honest: having Captain Hammer head up any organization would get my support.

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