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Returning to her aunt's home where she's convalescing, she's overwhelmed by the feeling that all's not right ... Fact is, things have gone terribly, murderously wrong.

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Witnessing a brutal attack on a woman but unable to help her, Sam (Tony Musante), an American traveling in Rome, soon finds himself the target of an elusive killer.Patrick Troughton, Christopher Matthews and Michael Gwynn also star.Count Dracula (Christopher Lee) is back in action when three swingers turn to black magic to boost their sex-drive slump.Charlton Heston plays Robert Neville, one of the last "intact" survivors of a biological war that's ravaged Earth's population in this Boris Sagal-helmed sci-fi thriller based on Richard Matheson's novel I Am Legend.Armed with an experimental vaccine for the disease that's turned everyone into light-averse zombies, Neville roams the empty streets of Los Angeles by day and fights off the mutated "subnormals" at night.

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