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It does not mean you are going to get that cancer if you have the gene, but it does put you at an increased risk.You can, if you choose, be tested to see if the gene has been passed on.If I have had one cancer, am I at greater risk of getting another type?Your risk increases slightly, because of the treatment for the initial cancer.

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Generally not, though some cancers are more common in people of colour.When you or someone close is diagnosed with cancer, you may want to know everything about the disease. With the majority of cancers, people do not experience pain as a first symptom.But perhaps you do not know what questions to ask – or feel that you should know the answers already. The cancer cells themselves are not painful, but when they make a tumour that presses somewhere, for example on the spine, or blocks an airway or passage, this can be painful.Testicular, pancreatic and prostate may also run in families but have no identified gene, so cannot be tested for.Primary cancer is where the cancer started to grow.

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