And blake berris dating

When he found her with Jett Carver, in the hot tub, and gave Nick the cold shoulder, Nick started gambling and won ,000.

He asked Chelsea to marry him and when she turned him down, he married some woman, China Lee.

Disgusted with Nick, she went on a date with his boss only to have Nick save her from his predatory behavior.

She was still furious with him and, in a desperate attempt to prove how much he loved and respected her, he tried to tell her the truth about his rendezvous with her mother.

Billie beat him to it though, quite by accident, and managed to alienate Chelsea from both of them.

Still clinging to hopes of a relationship with her, Nick stole a piece of evidence linking Chelsea to a fire in her father's house in a bid to protect her.

* Blackmailed Sami, Kate, and Gabi and Gabi murdered him by shooting him in the park.

When Kayla was stricken with an unusual biological problem, uber geek Nick was brought to Salem to help her.

* Returned months later alive and with revenge on his mind.But so are those pouty, puffy, pillow lips of Blake Berris. Blake returned to the show a few months ago as Nick Fallon and is now dating Will’s ex, Gabi.This is part of Nick’s new start after a stint in prison and he sure is sexy!One night, when Billie fell off the wagon, a depressed Nick was at her side and quickly found his way into her bed.Both regretted this indiscretion and decided it was best to keep it from Chelsea.

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