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Aside from the current affair scandal, with the Beckhams‘ ex-nanny, Rebecca Loos, –which is a very appropriate name, by the way, –he’s also allegedly been banging other broads as well.Supposedly, while David was still with Manchester United, in 1998, he started sleeping around with Emma Ryan, model for Page Three, while Victoria was five months pregnant, and they were still engaged.These stories continue to come up about Beckham, because they sell papers (or create web-site hits), while there are so many footballer who have publicly blatant affairs, are caught with prostitutes, get drunk and beat their wives, girlfriends, or random women, and a group who were recently filmed having group sex with an underage girl.These stories–complete with witnesses and photographs–may make a headline or two and then disappear.But unlike most of the brutal players in the country's horrific drug wars, El Ponchis (The Cloak) is just 12 years old.The diminutive hitman, whose real name is not known, is in the pay of a Mexican cartel battling for control of the cocaine trade.But if some girl makes a few hundred thousand pounds selling an unsubstantiated story about Beckham it remains headline “news”–apparently forever.

He is the sadistic executioner whose killings have terrorised Mexico.S., after her successful performances in “Celebrity Love Island” and “The Farm.” Where do you get all this crap?The Loos story isn’t current, its four years old, the only statement Beckham made about it was that it was absurd and the woman was paid close to a million pounds to tell it by the UK’s sleaziest tabloid.The killer has also posed for photographs wielding a rifle and standing beside a body.El Ponchis works for the South Pacific Cartel (SPC) which operates in Morelos, Mexico, and is headed by Radilla. They are behind a number of brutal massacres and Radilla and El Ponchis reportedly escaped when the Mexican army raided an SPC base in the town of Tejalpa last month.

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