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'Once I saw the box I knew it was from Build-A-Bear as it’s so distinctive but other than that I had no idea.'She told me to look at the certificate which said the bear had been called Babbylicious - the nickname I gave my nana.'I knew it wound her up and I told all her friends about it and they started calling her it too.'Then I saw the bear was dressed all in red - a red dress, red shoes and even red knickers - my nana’s favourite colour.'It was overwhelming to know someone had done that for me and named a bear after her.'When she said to press its hand I wondered what the hell she was on about, but as soon as I did I knew straight away it was my nana’s voice.'I was really emotional, I didn’t know what to do or say.'The voice message Carlita placed inside the bear was left by Barbara on December 5, three weeks before she passed away from cardiac arrest brought on my bronchitis and pneumonia.

There are a ton of ways to make a party go right and many more to make one go wrong. That is why I’m here to mix up your favorite party snack: alcoholic gummy bears. They’re delicious, but taste even better after absorbing alcohol for a few days.

The grandmother’s voicemail said: 'Hiya Lauren it’s only Nana.'Just calling to see if you’re ok pet. 'It’s like that voicemail was made to go somewhere.'My whole family said that everything I would want to hear she says in that little recording, it’s just crazy.'It was emotional hearing it on my phone after she passed away - it was better hearing her voice coming from the bear rather than the phone.'It felt more comforting, I was happy crying listening to it.

I hadn’t had time to acknowledge my nana dying, I hadn’t started to grieve, and that just pushed me over the edge.'The rest of the night, every time we watched it I started crying.

Make sure it is big enough to give your bears some breathing room.

They will expand, so use a large enough container to let them do so.

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