Bipolar dating stories

“While we were on tour Demi and Joe’s relationship had become really complicated so I was playing the bridge,” Nick, 25, admits about his 28-year-old brother’s brief romance with Lovato, who says she “friggin’ fell in love with [Joe], in real life,” though the courtship only lasted “like a month or two.” Nick continues, “It became really good you know between she and I for a while and growing closer than we’ve ever been.

I remember thinking in my head I felt a bit of pride about it, like selfishly maybe I was helping her back to being the Demi we know and love.

“I think my heart is always with Wilmer, I think it was with Wilmer, I think it is with Wilmer, I think it will be.

Because you don’t share six years with somebody and not give them a piece of your heart and vice versa.

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The incident led to a two-month “bender” when Lovato was “using daily.” “I just came to a breaking point; the next 12 months were extremely difficult,” she says about entering treatment at 18. “I was using while I had a sober companion and I went through like 20 sober companions. I was not easy to work with,” she recalls of life post-treatment.“The sparks never faded but there are issues that I haven’t conquered yet that I know I won’t conquer if I’m relying on somebody else to take care of the loneliness.I just wasn’t ready and there was so much in my life that I hadn’t explored yet …Nicki Minaj cleared up some dating rumours on Tuesday.The rapper looked giddy as she stopped by The Ellen De Generes Show to spill the beans on who she is dating, and it's not Drake who called her 'the love of my life' at the Billboard Awards on Sunday.

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