Blackberry address book not updating

The Desktop Manager helps you quickly make changes to your Black Berry from a desktop or laptop system.

Use it synchronize data, back up the Black Berry, or add programs, songs, pictures and videos to your device.

Using Black Berry Enterprise Server (BES) 4.1, limited backup and restore functions are performed by the BES server on a scheduled basis to ensure that your settings are preserved in case your device is lost or fails.

This functionality, which is enabled by default and controlled by the BES, allows backups of device settings (e.g., icon positions, font settings, browser bookmarks).

Plug your Black Berry into the computer using the cable that came with your device.

Black Berry phones are designed to work in tandem with the Black Berry Desktop Manager program.

, you can use the Backup and Restore tool in Desktop Manager to save files from your Black Berry device to your computer or to restore saved files to your device.

UITS recommends backing up your data before updating your Black Berry's software.

Hello, GAL is not updating even when I manually update the Outlook Address Book in each of the two Outlook profiles on the BES/ZCB machine.

The GAL appears to be complete otherwise, but newly-created users do not appear. During the logging I performed a manual update of the Black Berry Manager profile's Address Book.

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