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If you want to spend some more time digging into the intersections of sexuality and Christianity, join us on Sunday October 29th for a live, interactive webinar on faithful sexuality.

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You need to understand that the head skin colour can be slightly varied to your doll body even if you have chosen the same skin colour as they may not be produced by the same manufacturer, at the same time.*If you have a doll body to match with this head, please choose the brand of the body, we will modify the head to fit with this body YL Sex Doll Head #81 – Closed Eye Beautiful Doll Tracey This hyper-realistic closed-eyes face is enjoying every fuck you give her.She simply can’t open up her eyes because your fuck is too deep for her.I remember thinking that oral sex was talking sexually on the phone. You might think this happened when I was 12 or 13 but no, I was in my 20’s. No, scratch that: the messages I received from other people were what made me feel shame about my body and my desires. Because the Bible sometimes got things wrong (slavery anyone? Because we don’t live in the first century when women got married to older men as a property transaction when they were 13 and then died at 40.The first time I masturbated I didn’t even know what I had done because no one had ever told me what masturbation was. My entire life every message I received about sex was that it was simultaneously incredibly dirty and disgusting and also something holy and pure that we should save for our heterosexual spouse. When I came out (first as gay), I was just starting the process of reconstructing my faith and I thought that being a gay Christian meant being the exact same kind of evangelical christian I had been before, just gay. What the Bible does help us to understand is that God is concerned with justice.

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