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The playboy was a regular at Manhattan's Studio 54, where supermodels, pop stars and Hollywood legends got high on drugs and often had sex in hidden corners of the sprawling club, according to Mark Fleischman in his new memoir 'Inside Studio 54,' out September 19.Before he loved Princess Diana, Dodi Fayed (second left) 'loved Quaaludes, good quality coke and hot women' according to former Studio 54 owner Mark Fleischman.Even though it was not part of the actual statement from Charles Van Doren who was implicated in the scandal, it is a telling sign of what our society at times has become.

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The two men became so close that they regularly went scouring illegal clubs at 5am in what was then one of the most dangerous areas of downtown New York.He also recalls one of his worst mistakes – a 'lost' New Year celebrating Dodi Fayed's success as executive producer of the Oscar-winning movie 'Chariots of Fire' on his private jet.'We were being entertained by several very attractive 'hot to trot' flight attendants,' he writes in the book, which is published by Rare Bird Books in September.The party continued in New York – and Fleischman's long-suffering girlfriend finally dumped him.'I lost track of what day it was, forgot about my plans for later and partied through the night in a suite at the Plaza Hotel with Dodi,' he writes.'I wish I could remember some of the details of that night.Now she is finally being rumored to possibly be hired as head coach of UCF.She’s been in the game almost as long as Tyler has been alive.

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