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The slide looked something like this: I don’t know how many Windows users – let alone passionate Mac users – know or remember what a DOS prompt looks like, but back in the days before Windows became the standard for desktop/laptop users, many of used machines that ran the non-graphical operating system MS-DOS (or its sibling PC-DOS).

And this more or less was what MS-DOS looked like when it was waiting for a computer user to tell it which program to run.

There are even more big celeb weddings coming up this summer and fall -- find out which ones we're most excited for in the video below.

Jennie Garth and David Abrams, her actor beau of eight months, got married on Saturday night in an intimate ceremony outside of Los Angeles, PEOPLE has exclusively learned.

WATCH: Third Times the Charm for These 9 Lovesick Celebrities There was plenty of fun music for all of the attendees to dance to as well, with the party going strong to lovestruck tunes like The Eagles' "Best of My Love," The Four Tops' "Ain't No Woman (Like the One I've Got)," John Legend's "P. They included Garth's BFFs, of course, like her co-star on her special day. Garth and Abrams met on a blind date last fall and got engaged in April.

There are other forms of malware that affect OS X, of course, though the numbers of specific programs and families are vanishingly small compared to the numbers that affect Windows users.

And I imagine that the people who ask me this question think of any harmful program as being a virus, whereas security people usually think of viruses as being programs that self-replicate.

“Things just lined up and I was like, ‘I don’t need it, I don’t want it,’ and there it came,” Garth told PEOPLE.

In fact, while there were certainly viruses for Mac OS versions before OS X (though not very many), there is hardly any OS X malware that everyone would unanimously define as a virus, even in the anti-malware community.

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