Date league updating

*: The PBE is a testing grounds for new, tentative, and sometimes radical changes.

date league updating-46date league updating-33date league updating-50 D6Lvl0Dr A Related: If you are participating in @RLEsports #RLCS Qualifiers this weekend, you MUST play using the 'live' version of Rocket League on Steam.Improvements to the environmental art will also help players stay oriented.Riot's update will make the western half of the map look more damaged, as it is supposed to be, while the eastern side will take on an even more overgrown look.For more information, discussion and tips from IGN's MOBA officionados, head over to our IGN Arena hub.The Xbox One X is the most powerful console that Microsoft has ever made, it also happens to be the most popular gaming console on the market for consumers at this point in time.

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