Dating a jesus freak

Responding to Rebels (A) Resting in God's Will for Us Restoration vs.

Ruin Retroactive Prayer Return to the Lord (A) Revelation from Heaven (A) Revenge Is Sweet!

God's Purpose in Testing Us God's Special Treasure God's Strategy for Success (A) God's Timing and Our Readiness God's Umbrella Of Protection God's Waiting Room A God Who Bends Down To Listen God's Will In Every Situation God's Winning Strategy (A) God's Word: Living and Active God-Pleasers Vs.

Man-Pleasers (A) Going Deeper With God The Golden Rule for Prayer Good Reason to Hope Good Things Vs.

Choosing God's Best The Christian Life Christlike Compassion A Climate Of Faith Come Boldly and Keep Coming (A) Come to a H. Independence (A) Delays Are Not Necessarily Denials The Difference Humility Can Make The Difference Encouragement Can Make The Difference That Trust Makes (A) A Different Kind of Fast The Disaster of Wrong Desires 'Discreet' Decisions Distancing Ourselves from Danger (A) Divine Deals Divine Intervention and Protection Do It For The Lord Do Not Fear Bad News Do The Right Thing Do Whatever He Tells You Do You Want to Get Well?

(A) Don't Act Hastily Don't Be Deceived Don't Compare Yourself With Others (A) Don't Fail to Inherit God's Promises (A) Don't Get Lazy! (A) Don't Go Back to Egypt Don't 'Follow Your Heart' Don't Hang Up the Phone Don't Measure Short Don't Panic! Don't Settle for Second Best Don't Try to Figure it Out Don't Undo Your Prayers Doomed to Destructive Behavior?

(A) Following God's Peace Forget the Crisis Prayers Four Good Reasons Not to Be Fearful Four Steps to Success (A) For Such a Time as This (A) A Force to Be Reckoned With (A) Freedom and Healing Freedom from the Fear of Death Freedom from Unforgiveness Freedom In Friendship Freely Give Fresh Hope Friendships According to God (A) From Grief to Gladness From Helplessness to Healing From Torment to Triumph (A) From Trials to Triumphs Fulfilling Our Glorious Destiny Fulfilling Our God-Given Purpose A Gateway of Hope A Gentle and Just God Get Out of the Way Get Over It!

They’re burnouts – a little short on parents, money and plans for the future, but they’ve got each other and a whole lot of fun.

With a world of crazy at home, Carrie Gould needs them to keep her sanity. Every blink of the light brought you further and further into the future.

Ben is Carrie’s geeky next door neighbor who’s always had a crush on her.

After one night, right before high school, when he kissed her it had changed things and their friendship grew apart.

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