Dating a pregnant girl

In a perfect world couples would pro-create and go on to co-parent effectively for 18 years and beyond even if they don’t remain in a romantic relationship.But in the real world, sadly most women end up single parents before then can even clearly read the positive sign on a pregnancy test.You won’t be just getting accustomed to your new man’s life, but also the one you just created. A man basically has to own up to the fact that it’s not all about him from the beginning and honestly confront that although he may not have contributed DNA, that baby may very well come in the world with him being the only father figure he’s ever known.Like dating a woman who already has children, a man has to know he’s not just signing up for a girlfriend, but possibly a whole family.Age 40 From Didcot, United Kingdom Online - 2 weeks ago Woman Seeking Man (50 Miles Away) I'm a very old school person. Positive person with good values love dancing and trying new foods. I love laughing and being just a little naughty as I find it keeps the soul alive. Age 30 From Mitcham, United Kingdom Online - 2 weeks ago Woman Seeking Man (9 Miles Away) I'm a happy loving mother a caring and very out going and down to earth !!It’s not fair to assume that her only concern should be her child and she should completely ignore all the other great things about her life and personality that make her who she is.

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But admittedly, starting a new relationship while pregnant seems like a burden.

Between doctor’s appointments, being paranoid over every tingle or twinge, morning sickness and all the other symptoms that a woman’s body and brain goes through when she’s preparing to give birth, I can’t imagine the added stress of getting to know someone new.

Many men may even feel like they’re suddenly dating a complete stranger when the cute mommy-to-be they first met turns into the mother that answers the door with in infant strapped to her chest rocking dark circles from a night of feeding a colicky baby.

It’s not to say every mother has to choose between mini-skirts and mini vans, but there are some very real, un-glamorous things about motherhood that don’t flow seamlessly with most people’s views of the early bliss of a relationship.

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