Dating gibson vintage guitars

When I was trying to figure out from which year this guitar would be, Hofner’s website wasn’t of much use, as they use Selmer’s serial codes for dating purposes.Hofner didn’t use serial numbers themselves but there’s a number stamped on the top of the headstock.The “diamond” pickups are actually called rhombohedron’s…but who’s gonna remember that?! So, the diamond pickups look like humbuckers, but are merely single coils, with some extra beef due to their size. Keep posted by following/liking this blog and be sure to check out Daydream Guitars’ Facebookpage! Fender’s using it as marketing strategy to sell oddball concept guitars, as well with their line of Squire guitars.It pops up on a lot of adds on e Bay and the likes.But when is a product really vintage and when is it just old? Back in the day, and I mean the 60’s, there where a ton of guitar manufactures doing their thing.Most commenly Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, and the likes… But in Japan, rock’n’roll became quite hip as well.

This is what is necessary for this guitar, though, as the edges of the broken sides are kinda sharp and I am not sure how sexy she’ll still be when more will peel off…

Or the 4way rotary switch with a white chicken head, instead of an offset black slider.

On cheaper models they had a different tremolo unit with a larger flat cover.

I had to dig for a while to come up with all the info there is to find online..which is not a lot.

Even worse, half of it is in German, and my German isn’t really all that good, but I can manage to figure out what’s said.

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