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In the event the unit commander is requesting to perform Telecommute ATP/RMPs, the request must be signed off by the next higher commander in the Marines Chain of Command.Company Commander requires Battalion Commander Approval. Battalion Commander requires Regimental Commander Approval. Squadron Commander requires Group Commander Approval. CAG, ANGLICO & ISB Commanders require Vice Chief of Staff Approval.There have been a few issues/questions concerning the ATP/RMP Telecommute approval authority for the actual unit Commander.Below is the official guidance/response from CMC (RAP).page Name=g2xz3f93qzc63n1d Muster Manager Training Wednesday's 1400-1600 & Friday's 0900-1100 https://

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Amendments performed in DM to correct anything on a muster sheet need the following action: 1. Any change that would normally require a corrected entry must be run by the unit via UD/MIPs a.

Units are still required to keep all past drill folders for current plus two years.

This means that units will keep all FY '09 and FY'10 paper drill binders on hand as well as online access and records within Drill Manager.

I'm using RHEL7, and I discovered the following: If you have Thank you for your interest in this question.

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