Dating quiz for women

If you find that you're forcing yourself to "grit your teeth" and push past your own internal fear and anxiety, you could be sabotaging your own internal state of relaxation, which can be deadly in the long run. If you're feeling a little 'off,' work on getting back to a relaxed and confident state - and then do your approach.

If you suffer from a high level of anxiety when you approach and meet women, you need to work on lowering this tension and improving your relaxed physiology and mental state. This is a good start, but there's something here you must be careful about...

By selecting this option, you're demonstrating a keen insight into your own emotions and states.

For some guys, this is a necessary pre-requisite to talking to a woman.

The point is that by the time you get to the point where you debate or start to analyze the situation for "suitability" - you're already starting the slippery slide towards talking yourself out of it.If you even SLIGHTLY disbelieve something you're repeating in the hopes that it will just "sink in," well... That's why most people lose the "affirmation" game.Instead, you need to be able to connect yourself to emotional states that really motivate your mind to BELIEVE what you're telling it. You see, the sooner you get into an actual social interaction with a woman, the less time you have to reflect inward and kill your own confidence. This is perhaps the best of the three answers you could have chosen.

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