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While the data contained inside these documents are now difficult to retrieve, you’ll have to contend with the fact that the broken docs are still hanging around in your database.

They still take up disk space and they can still cause you major headaches by crashing agents and breaking any code that attempts to open them.

Please note that we were only able to test documents where a single field exceeded the 32K limit–so the behavior of documents where aggregate summary data exceed 64k may or may not be different (please comment if you have any information regarding this).

Some background on Summary data This Summary information at the heart of the32K error problem is used for showing field values in views, folders or search results.

When you encounter the 32K error you won’t be able to open the document by double-clicking it—or by any other means.

What’s more, you won’t even be able to see anything in the property box except for what’s in the first tab (Document Info).

And one such problem is the “Field is too large (32K)” error, which affects documents whenever the size of the Summary data for a field grows beyond the limit set in Notes*.

If the documents in question are only afflicted with this 32K error on one database replica but are still OK on others, you may want to use the ‘Do not create deletion stub‘ option when deleting the docs in scan EZ.

By doing this, the next time you replicate, these documents will be regenerated from replicas.

But if you’re in any sort of a hurry, Ytria’s scan EZ tool offers a much faster way to find these docs through its Search by Note ID Range feature.

Search by Note ID Range lets you enter a numeric range of Note IDs in either hexadecimal or decimal units, then attempt to retrieve all the notes that match IDs inside the range.

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