Four warning signs of dating abuse

If this process continues, inflammatory mast cells act in the area.Small clots (microthrombi) form and can cut off blood to the affected area (known as ischemia) and damage nerve fibers.Rubbing the affected area can also increase tissue damage.

Grade 1: if there is no initial lesion on the area, no amputation or lasting effects are expected Grade 2: if there is a lesion on the distal body part, tissue and fingernails can be destroyed Grade 3: if there is a lesion on the intermediate or near body part, autoamputation and loss of function can occur Grade 4: if there is a lesion very near the body (such as the carpals of the hand), the limb can be lost.Various types of surgery might be indicated in frostbite injury, depending on the type and extent of damage.Debridement or amputation of necrotic tissue is usually delayed unless there is gangrene or systemic infection (sepsis).However, the degrees do not correspond to the amount of long term damage.The major risk factor for frostbite is exposure to cold through geography, occupation and/or recreation.

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