Google latitude not updating

However, Google has gone ahead and disabled it in Google for many users, making it momentarily impossible for them to share their location in either app.

What these users are seeing when they head to the tab in Google is a message telling them to move to Google Maps.

As long as you have enabled automatic location detection in the Latitude privacy menu and have enabled location detection (Settings Use wireless networks), Latitude should update your location while your phone is on.

This means your location should never appear older than ~1 hour to any of your friends. Chris Using Latify, you can configure location updates using a specific interval.

It will syncup with Google Latitude using either GPS or WIFI at the defined interval, even when the application is not running.

Lately, we’ve been working on giving you even better ways to find nearby places with Google Maps for Android, such as the Places icon and rich Place pages.

A successfully scanned location is not scanned again until the “scan_identifier” changes. I’m running into the same problem with Google Address importing, but I can’t use your script, it always appears this message: ACF Recalc Locations: All locations have latitude/longitude present! I have updated the field for google map with my field id: ‘google_map’ = Could you check the post type?

I’ve recently imported a ton of store locations into a Word Press website using the plugin “WP All Import”. Refresh the page again to continue scanning locations.Many of the fields were imported into Advanced Custom Fields, including the address. Note: Google Maps API will prevent you from scanning too quickly.However, neither ACF nor WP All Import calculated the latitude/longitude coordinates for these locations during the import. Visit your site with this query var on the end of the url, eg: MORE INFORMATION Every time you visit the URL from Step 4, it will scan a certain amount of locations.If they tap the button to switch to Maps, they get redirected to a help page that offers updating Google Maps because the new feature is not yet live in their current version.And if they finally tap to update Google Maps, they're redirected to the Play Store with no update in sight for Maps.

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