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Also, it just seemed like there was a bit too much dialogue, or at least too much stuff that I feel wasn't necessary. With just one programmer and a budget of 4 weeks and 00 I think we did a pretty good job! I hurt someone's feelings, so..I have to play again! and the scene lengths are JUST right for mass re-playability~ '3 really gone all out guys, Super thanx for sharing and GREAT jorb~!! X'D (with the hint of 'retaining MASSIVE confidence' and presenting all the 3 main love-interests @ the end, haven't managed to find it! (tried playing it SUPER unbias with full confidence..^W^ We will be doing another - in this same kind of style, but I hope we can do things more efficiently next time. ) and petting tha Nai-sama results in taking out the rooftop option 8'S ..... ...........i died via Glue-Monster the very frist time 'round |'S lol and the PINK-sploshion ending was LOL. WAS SECRETLY HOPING FOR A 'YAAAY LETS ALL GOT THE FESTIVAL TOGETHER' meeeeeeebbe just a bit X'S lol! It was great to learn in cause it has a wizzywig kinda thing but it was really frustrating how unstable it is. Puppy Love 2 was built in Ren'py which is a little harder to learn but provides a much more stable end-product which I'm very happy about.I hear tell of a second game to be made in the same vein, which I will bid on if it happens, and would love to see how they improve from this given the chance. FFFFFFFFFFFF if -ONLY- I had more cash to burn n get a character into it~!

DA / TUMBLR/ PICARTO / PATREON / WEB COMIC All right everybody, it's the moment you've all been waiting for! There may be better ways to proceed in earlier scenes which will make sure that you have more than enough for the last decision you need to make. I was roflcoptering the whole game XD There's going to be a sequel, btw.It's not like I'm short on ancillary characters to use... His ending was really cute and adorable, my heart totally melted by that point Can't wait to see the updates you make.Will you be adding more content, like possible love options, scenes and even characters? We didn't choose our cast but it seems like we ended up with someone for everyone! My confidence was so shot by the time the choice came around that I got a game over @[email protected] Yeah, just be careful with your choices earlier on before that. Confidence ^^^ I was totally caught off guard by how his personality was handled lol. X3 I tried to go for theo too, but I totally bombed it, and SOMEHOW got a game over when the choice came down to choose him x D.

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