Lesbian dating culture

The music they played was what I would like to call bubble gum electronica. It is free to download and shows up in your iphone like so…

The kind of music I guess you would rave to or bob your head up and down to. Everyone was nice and eager to meet new people for the most part and dance with new people. Sapporo also had their own pride parade called “Rainbow March” but it was cancelled indefinitely in October 2013. You can read more about it here: As far as having a continuous lesbian bar, I couldn’t find any myself but I was only there for a week. (there may be versions for other smart phones but I am unawares!

Unfortunately this sort of endeavor is too much for one person.

I only know about the places I have lived in in Japan and even with that I have only ever lived in a place for a year.

The lesbian event I went to was called “Hello” and they have many events throughout the year.

I was contemplating what I should do with this blog now that I am not living in Japan anymore. I was able to enjoy the Snow Festival while I was there as well as almost getting into one of the fanciest onsens in a rural town nearby until they caught my tatoo, sadface.

State your nickname, full name, location, summary, anything you’d like. From my experiences if people find out you are queer, Japanese or not, they don’t really give a care. I am going to first state that this is an unfinished entry because I think there are a lot more girls things going on in Osaka that I just don’t know about yet.

Bars JAKE – Lesbian only bar in Shinsaibashi and Tennoji. Fems looking for boi girls and vise versa is the theme.The event was pretty fun and typical for a ladies night.There were about 100 girls, they had a drag show with men dressed as women, and there was one other foreigner there besides myself and my friend which was kinda cool.Also ladies this means that this place is totally DL VIP standards so you really don’t want to miss out.We might have even had to pass an initiation test to make sure we were as gay as we said we were. Actually the staff and fellow patrons of this little bar were super friendly and welcoming, even if you aren’t as Japanese savvy as a Ni-Q champ.

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    There are many hardliners that try very hard to protect that culture, and whenever they see foreigners they think that foreigners are trying to ruin our culture.

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