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Then, in one fell swoop, they are ripped from your life forever. Bring her comfort foods – chocolate doesn’t hurt – and sit by her as she mourns that character’s death. We know these are fictional characters, but they are real to us. He is not moved by it, and not insecure when I fangirl.

This is what a fangirl deals with regularly, and the pain is as real (or at least very close to real) as losing someone in real life. He also jokes with me about it, claiming that (should I ever meet Nathan Fillion) he would run for the hills the moment he found out how big of a fan I am. These are celebrities, or even just fictional characters entirely.

Let her go on and on about the movie after it’s over, too. This helps for conversation, date ideas, surprises, and presents.

Have a friendly debate over what you disagree about, but understand that bashing any OTP of hers is not the smartest idea. DC may be huge, for example, but there’s a chance she’s more of an Image Comics fan. If so, know her favorite – and first, if different – Doctor is.

Oh, and it’s best to avoid getting her angel statues. Naming pets after fictional characters WILL happen.

I even had a fish named Hamish, after a Terry Pratchett character. The fandom pet names are all just part of dating a fangirl. You may think you are being sweet and helpful by setting them up on shelves, but mint-in-box figures mint-in-box.

If you want to help her to better display her figurines, get her a second set of them. Yes, we are aware that these are fictional characters.

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