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Careless sentimentality in reproductive ethics erases this message of God to us.

The Venture of Marriage — God fashions marriage so a man and woman learn to be true to each other.

They are circles to symbolize the permanence of this relationship.

There are three additional aspects these rings portray.

Getting Closer as a Couple — For various reasons married couples may drift apart. Living Together Before Marriage — There is something in the issue of “living together” that is uniquely disturbing, especially on the part of Christians, simply because it mimics, but does not honor, marriage.

The vitality and sparkle that used to characterize their relationship is gone. Indeed, the arrangement violates the very meaning, substance and institution of marriage.

With this Ring — At the wedding ceremony the bride and groom exchange wedding rings.Back in 2009, when our congregation was still counted in single figures, we decided to think big and we set up The Friends of Caldecote Church to raise money for urgent work on the building.To all the couples out there who are seeking the perfect venue for their traditional and joyous union in marriage, New Birth Baptist Church Cathedral of Faith International wants to welcome you to stop the search and celebrate at this breathtaking church. The Miami Lakes Congregation united Church of Christ offers a beautiful church and several packages to the public.Make Yours a Stock Market Marriage — Like the stock market, marriages have their ups and downs.Knowing that and staying the course increases your chance of success in either.

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