Mastuburation chat rooms

How about you lose some weight and grow the fuck up. People who make excuses in life get no where and people who keep blaming the government/economy for everything also get no where.

EDISON -- One teacher with a lengthy disciplinary history was fired and two others were suspended after participating in a raunchy online chat that mocked special education students.

Though I'm not saying he doesn't deserve it, I kinda (sorta) agree with comedybreak (if he's being serious) about giving OP some sympathy. OP, I hope you use this incident (as silly as this may sound) to start and try to turn thugs around.

It may not be easy, but you should make an effort to get at least a part time job.

As for the FML, yes I do know what trolling is, but when a troll gets "umad" who truly is the immature one?

I would expect the internet to be free of trolling haters but apparently not yet.

"they take the tart cart home." "short bus kids," Van Pelt responded. Among other disparaging remarks, Van Pelt and Lechelt suggested that hiring decisions in Edison were based on sexual favors and good looks, which the district vigorously denied.

^_^" 97- What makes you think that 1 lives off of his dad's money?

OP could get a job even at like a fast food joint or store. OP is obviously unhappy and trolling because of it.

Ritter took the witness stand in his own defence Wednesday and said he believed the person he met in a Yahoo chat room on Feb.

Today, I was trolling in a chat room when someone said, quote: "He's just a no-life, unemployed loser still living in his mom's basement. Being unemployed & living in moms basement can be because of age and if not we don't know why he doesn't have a job.

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