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In fact it served him as a blessing in disguise in concentrating his intellectual energies and maximizing the utilization of his talents. Narasimham was a student of Veeresalingam in School education and a disciple in social reform, it is interesting to find that while Veeresalingam’s literary writings were aimed at social reform alone, those of Narasimham advanced in mobilizing public towards nationalist movement.Posted in Articles, Chilakamarthi, Telugu Kavulu, Telugu Novels, Telugu Sahityam, Uncategorized Tagged with Chilakamarthi, Gayopakhyanam, Lakshmi Narasimham, rajamahendri, rajamundry, telugu literature, telugu naatakalu, Telugu Novels, Telugu Sahityam He was a sympathizer of Brahmo ideals, took active part in spreading literacy especially for girls and downtrodden encouraged widow marriages, condemned nautch parties, fought against the contemporary superstitions, worked for the upliftment of Harijans etc., in all these activities, he continued the work of Veeresalingam and Venkataratnam Naidu. Besides experimenting with different forms of literature like poetry, prose, novel, drama and humorous skits (Prahasanas) he conscientized the people about the contemporary situation through his monthly magazine “Manorama” and weekly “Desamatha”.He was also an active participant in the affairs of the Indian National Congress.After Veeresalingam left Rajahmundry for Madras, Chilakamarti along with a band of sincere workers continued his master’s work there in the field of social reform and education and kept up his high reputation throughout with a record of glorious achievements.Recognizing his contribution to the society, the Andhra University honoured Chilakamarti Lakshmi Narasimham by conferring on him the title of Kalaprapoorna Chilakamarti was born on 26When Bipin Chandra Pal , during his hurricane tour of various States trying to inspire the country men on national sovereignty and the struggle for independence, came to Rajahmundry and delivered a moving and inspiring lecture, Chilakamatri translated his speech into an equally inspiring lecture into Telugu for the benefit of the audience.Chilkamarti’s defective vision did not deter him in his literary and other pursuits; not did it obstruct his creative faculties.

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It is no wonder that his works continue to be read with interest and profit.

Lakshmi Narasimham’s activities were not confined to the literary sphere alone; they extended to the educational, social and political fields as well.

His Gayaopakhayanam is the only Telugu book that has sold more than a lakh of copies (it still holds the record) and it is the drama that has had the largest number of performance up to date.

The second phase of his literary life dawned in 1894 when he began writing novels on the inspiration derived from reading Veeresalingam’s Rajasekhara Charitra (the first novel in Telugu) on which he modeled his own first novel Ramachandra Vijayam with a social theme.

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