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The decision to place a baby with an adoptive family is legal and binding.

However, most states do allow the birth mother anywhere from several days to several months after the child is born to change her mind. The adoption process can take place through public or private channels and be closed or open.

Creating an accepting environment for a pregnant teen allows her to feel safe to explore her own feelings about the pregnancy and her future.

For girls who find themselves dealing with the challenges of pregnancy, pediatricians and parents can be guideposts of knowledge, resources, and support.Finding out they're pregnant is a sensitive and emotional time for a teen, her family, and her sexual partner.Whatever her decision—to become a parent, make an adoption or kinship care plan, or have an abortion—it will likely have life-changing consequences. To help sort through the life-changing and emotional decisions they face, pregnant adolescents need straightforward information and judgement-free guidance and support.These options usually include having and raising the baby, making plans for relatives or an adoptive family to raise the baby, or terminating the pregnancy.

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