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We had very little money but we all knew one another." Blythe is a man of letters in the traditional, fading fashion.

As such, he has the ruddy look of a naturalist, with his brown complexion, useful hands and willow-tuft hair.

We no longer wanted to live in such a dangerous place, so when we moved to America, we found out we had taken up all of the small apartment complex.

After we moved in, there was no more room, so I guess we were lucky.

They had nothing to eat, these two old gents." Did Forster have designs on him? He was nearly 80 but he had a disconcerting youthful voice; very bright and intelligent."Blythe has never married, but just "lived in wilds like this, writing books".

We were missed and there was no one else to care after the ranch since my father died, so they closed it down, but it was necessary.

I walked down to the village, to the shop, and an old farmer's wife was standing by the gate.

I thought, 'Now I'm for it.' She beckoned me over and said, 'Oh, my dear, you should have come to me, I could have told you worse than that'."Blythe was briefly conscripted during the Second World War.

The ship pulled into the island of Skyros and he was one of the sailors who were told to go off and dig the grave."Such extraordinary encounters have shaped Blythe's life. When I opened her fridge once, there was no food in it, there were only bottles." He describes Highsmith as a contrary character: an alcoholic with a refined sensibility and a lesbian who took him to bed. It's a period he is revisiting for his next book, , published by Faber next June, in the year of Britten's centenary. Shivering."This is when E M Forster arrived in his life.

"I think what she liked was my body, perhaps aesthetically. "I walked in a snowstorm to Aldeburgh to get some food.

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