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He stormed the "Persian Gates", a pass through modern-day Zagros Mountains.

There Ariobarzanes of Persis successfully ambushed Alexander the Great's army, inflicting heavy casualties.

As the residence of the rulers of the empire, however, a remote place in a difficult alpine region was far from convenient.

The country's true capitals were Susa, Babylon and Ecbatana.

A large elevated water storage tank was carved at the eastern foot of the mountain.

After invading Achaemenid Persia in 330 BC, Alexander the Great sent the main force of his army to Persepolis by the Royal Road.

This accounts for the fact that the Greeks were not acquainted with the city until Alexander the Great took and plundered it.

Darius I ordered the construction of the Apadana and the Council Hall (Tripylon or the "Triple Gate"), as well as the main imperial Treasury and its surroundings.

The top of the stairways led to a small yard in the north-eastern side of the terrace, opposite the Gate of All Nations.

Grey limestone was the main building material used at Persepolis.

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