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They weren’t going to change until they were willing to admit their faults and shortcomings.

And I didn’t know if that was ever going to happen.

But in my heart, I knew it was the right thing to do – so I clicked send before I could second guess myself again. Writing the email had been scary enough…until I realized I was about to sit in a room face-to-face with these people.

Almost immediately, I heard a door open and one of the managers came running over.

I provided solutions and reports that showed where we could improve. That would’ve been the safe, smart thing to do – especially if I wanted referrals from any of my bosses. And I knew that they were going to continue enduring that pain.

I understood that they could theoretically leave at any time but in reality, not everyone had the same freedom as me to leave a demeaning job.

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When I wouldn’t budge, they realized they had no more control over the situation and surrendered. Was I naïve enough to believe they’d suddenly change their ways after my email? These people were well aware of what they’d been doing for a long time.

I simply said, “Well, that’s just the way I see things.” They tried deflecting blame off of themselves onto the employees.

“We try our best and people don’t listen and don’t do the work.” I replied, “I don’t agree and that’s not the way I’ve witnessed it.” They were getting frustrated.

Did I care about “getting back at them” or giving one last fuck you? In a week my resignation would be old news and I’m sure they wouldn’t lose sleep over it. This is where a lot of people would say, “There was no point.

You should have just kept quiet and taken the recommendation. To what I knew aligned with my deeper thoughts and emotions.

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