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I'm sure otherwise I would have gone a bit stir-crazy at home with a newborn all day, every day." Dushinka "Check to see if you live in a Sure Start area.Sure Start runs children's centres for the under-fives with daily activities that don't cost the earth (or are free).I found them invaluable." Emma "I met a lot of my mum friends at a Nappucino meeting.This is basically a monthly meeting that takes place in my local café for mums who use cloth nappies.I think that I would have been quite lonely otherwise." Julie "I suffered from postnatal depression and for me the Baby Centre community was a fantastic place to go for support.It was such a relief to talk to people who understood me." Joanne "I went to a local parent-and-toddler group at my village hall.I love my baby to bits but the episiotomy wound made me frustrated and depressed, I always came here to read from other mum's and their experience.It's been 4 long weeks, the wound isn't completely healed but I am definitely hopeful and adapting to my princess.

"I would definitely recommend NCT classes, because of the friends they helped me to make.We all became firm friends because we supported each other through what was a pretty difficult time." Oona "I went to my Health Visitor Postnatal Group every fortnight until my baby could crawl.Once your baby is mobile that's the end of it, but it was a great way to forge friendships with other mums in those early days.Btw , her name is Audrey and she's the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!my little man is 4 n half months drinking 6oz of formula every 3 hours n still hungry he was born 5lb n already is a healthy 15lb im worried im overfeeding as he looking quite chunky his so ready for weaning n ive strted steamed veges bt he still wants his 6oz of milk cab anyone relate to this??

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