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Partners of any addict become detectives at first just wanting to find out what is going on but can become obsessed themselves with uncovering information and monitoring the activities of the addict in hopes of understanding and changing the destructive behavior.They may become so focused on the addict that they neglect their own self-care and that of their children. They feel embarrassment and humiliation at what the sex addict has done and continues to do. They feel alone in dealing with these issues that they don’t feel able to talk about for fear of reaction and judgement from others.Couples can meet hurdles at all stages of their relationship.I help to improve communication, Identify barriers to deeper connection and repair and or strengthen emotional safety and trust.Even when issues between individuals are complex and challenging, the right guidance can bring much-needed hope and healing to both people.From crisis counseling to managing life transitions to marital enrichment, I help couples travel their best path toward a better life together.Related: Justin's Ex-Neighbor Is Siding With Jennifer!

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Porn addiction and sex addiction (in is myriad of manifestations) is an epidmic now in our society.

My method of therapy is individually tailored and holistic in nature.

I integrate philosophies from the medical, psychological, family system and self-help communities. I am committed to healing not just the symptoms, but also the underlying problems in order to facilitate self-understanding and permanent change.

My practice is tailored to help individuals and couples to work through life limiting barriers to greater happiness, enhanced self-esteem, hope, and fulfillment.

I believe in the inherent ability of people to create positive change – despite what might seem like insurmountable barriers.

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