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(Seattle ranks third on Dating Advice's list, which could just prove that Microsoft nerds are too scared to talk to women.) Manly-man blogger Matt Forney, a Syracuse native who relocated to Portland expecting great things (he must read the New York Times), certainly isn't impressed with Portland's singles scene.

"Portland truly is a magnet for people who want to do nothing with their lives at all," he wrote last year, riffing off the "Portlandia" line.

Notorious for single life are cities like Las Vegas, Miami and New York, but don't let that deter you from the hunt if you reside in Portland.

Even if you aren't Frank Sinatra you can show up and have a great time that includes meeting some awesome people.The site claims it researched "population data of major U. cities, including the total numbers, the percentage of men, the percentage of women, the amount of single men, the amount of single women, the unemployment rate, the amount of people who have college degrees and more." OK.But their final rankings order apparently comes down simply to the overall number of single men in the city limits.The bar draws a ton of country folk from Portland's 'burbs.They have a healthy mix of country and pop music throughout the night that always enhances your dances (that rhyme was off the charts).

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