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I asked many of my friends who often get the “he is just intimidated by you” line why they think they fit the mold of a hard-to-approach gal.Here’s what they told me: Abby: "I am very independent, and I love autonomy.Oh...can you afford me as much as I can you.....figurecd No, and especially not when they misspell "intimidated" in the body of their post.(wink)Seriously, though, no, but I do get turned off when any smart, goal oriented women think those traits make them better than me.I am working towards a Ph D in Social Work; This makes me ask the question, are guys intimated by smart, goal oriented women?Not at all...of us enjoy it.....unless, of course, we are not as educated, and then intimidation can occur in many many ways, and on many levels. do you offer what you seek and are you worth the time to get to know you?When I asked men what they consider intimidating, the most common response from the guys, was that women who they perceived as dominating attention were intimidating…but not in a good way.

I've been on this website numerous amounts of times, had many guys view my profile but seldom get messages, or much less get them back.

However, those men who are looking for just sex are looking for women who may not have clear cut vision or challenge them mentally. Women are similarly repelled by smart men (all though not as frequently), hence my own profile. Now that I'm 37 I crave a woman of intelligence and conduct advanced searches for women with higher education. This falls into the same cliche/stereotyped belief by some women that "men are intimated by independent women".

Genuine intelligence does not turn any real man away. What I'm saying is her intelligence would be among one of the last things that turn the men away ..... I don't really see anything that would repel a man looking for sex, or anything that would attract a man looking for anything else (being a first year Ph D student could put you as much as 10 years away from being a doctor depending on the rigor of your dissertation). They generally have a cruel and snobbish personality, which is antithetic to their stated goal.

It’s an environment that breeds people to become coarse or cold emotionally in order to get to the next level.

If you are strong willed, outspoken, maybe sometimes apathetic—you are intimidating."But let’s face it, these words never really explain why that guy never asks us out.

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