So who ispoppy montgomery dating on without a trace

However, Martin soon grew tired of hiding and eventually broke up with Sam.

Sam once went undercover after one missing woman led the team to a series of women who had disappeared after going to work for a suspected drug trafficker.

She has also dated NYPD officer Eric Keller and a man named Dr.

Fred, and had an inter-office romance with fellow agent Martin Fitzgerald.

In the Season six finale, Sam gives birth to a son. Samantha: Yeah, it was red hot for the first two weeks and ice cold the last four months. And then I think maybe I'll get to know her and it won't make any difference at all, it just... But I'm here now, and I'm not going anywhere until I know you're all right.After Sam returned to active duty, she was forced to shoot and kill two suspects and was sent into therapy.While she first believed the therapy was pointless, she eventually stopped fighting it and soon came to realize that her job was all she had.Samantha was once held hostage with several other people after a ransom drop went bad, and was subsequently shot in the leg with her own gun.The man holding her hostage refused to let her go until Jack exchanged himself for her.

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