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I've been trying, for over a year, to get my money back from them. Transamerica won't release my money without a signature.

100% invested, and EVERY PENNY was out of MY POCKET! My money keeps dwindling and all I get are MORE HOOPS! There has to be a policy to deal with this but I'm told no. don't know who to report them to or what to do next! Just got word today (12/2/2015) that our company has selected Transamerica Retirement Solutions for our 401K/Roth, effective late January 2016...

Our Company says, they are looking out for their employees, and their well being, and feel this is going to be a plus.

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Also, there is no cash account, so if there is some kind of collusion, they are forcing everyone to take a loss as if it was an accounting fee. They remind me of companies we hear about on American Greed.I have listened to many call in programs and have heard of people taking out from their 401K all the time, but the minute I've tried to Trans America has shut the door.Everyone needs to wake-up to your rules with your 401k holder. Bottom line, if you are still employed you cannot take the money out in most cases. Don't listen to call in programs because you most likely don't work for the same employer.We keep get the run-around and our account has continued to plument in the mean time.Our company didn't realize the requlations either and our quite surprised by the reaction on Trans America.

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