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The app also gives users the option of displaying their gender on their profile.

The move is seen as a step forward for people who are transgender or gender-nonconforming who wanted to be better represented by the popular app.

“As most of you know, I’m a transgender woman and Tinder didn’t exist when I was single so I was looking forward to trying out the app,” she tweeted.

Tinder posted an apologetic statement on Twitter in response to Blaque’s complaints, claiming that they had restored her account and that believing in inclusivity and acceptance is “a core value of our company.” When Blaque checked her phone, she discovered that her profile was still deleted from the app.

As most of you know, I'm a transgender woman and Tinder didn't exist when I was single so I was looking forward to trying out the app.

— 🌲Merry Katmas🌲 (@kat_blaque) November 28, 2017Kat Blaque, a vlogger and illustrator, has also received similar treatment from the dating app for being transgender.

This isn’t the first time Tinder has been accused of gender discrimination.

Now that this is out of the way, @Tinder has been deleting every single account I've created on the website since I created an account.

The changes come after complaints that many transgender users were being inappropriately “reported” and subsequently blocked by other users, in addition to the reality that after matching with prospective dates or partners, many transgender users received derogatory or threatening messages through the app.

Being Open-Minded and Considerate Respecting Their Privacy Community Q&A Getting to know your date can sometimes involve wondering about many things, including their gender identity.

This can be a difficult topic to bring up, but being sensitive to their concerns will make things better for everyone in the long run.

A woman has been left feeling outraged after claiming to have been banned on Tinder for being transgender.

Tahlia René, a Public Health Major at the University of Austin in Texas, discovered two days ago that Tinder had removed her profile from the app.

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