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I'm also single in a digitalized society, which means I've tried many dating apps.

I have found that Tinder is more effective than any of the others.

I like how easy it was to see who I had in common with my date.

I liked that I was able to see his first and last name so I knew who he was for sure.

There's a lot of debate around how effective dating apps are.

You've heard they're the death of romance, they are all about hookups, they make people less likely to settle down, etc..

What are you trying to prove with your paragraphs of text?!

I like that OKC gives you the option (but not requirement) to write a bunch, because then you know it's a red flag if someone writes more than a sentence for each question.

I just wish it had a pause button for when I'm unable to actually send messages within that 24 hour window. If you're looking to talk to someone and actually go on a date, I think Tinder's your best bet. I don't think it's the best user experience, and I definitely like using The League, but my best dating app dates have been Tinder ones.

OKC has been more semi serious dating, Tinder more casual dates/sex.

Bumble offers the perfect platform for me to meet potential dates.

I feel like a lot of the guys I match with on Bumble are in my same situation. It's also a really hard place to meet people because there are SO many people.

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