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This site provides information about the "Beers List" and other drugs which are potentially harmful when used inappropriately.If used, documentation should note the reason for use and show that monitoring is in place.Welcome to the Safer Medication Use in Older Persons Information Page.This information page is part of an awareness campaign designed to provide care team members in long term care homes, hospitals and the community with information on medications that are poorly tolerated by older persons.Websites are available offering more detailed information about each drug (generally US FDA approved drug information).For example, a couple of sites are: Drugs approved for use in Canada, along with Canadian monographs, can be found through Health Canada's Drug Product Database.For information about "Anticholinergic Burden" see: Study Population: Older than 66 years treated with glyburide. Drug Toxicity/ Adverse Event: Hypoglycemia Possible Mechanism of Action: Sulfamethoxazole can directly cause pancreatic insulin release (at higher doses due to structural similarity to sulfonylurea) in patients with renal impairment. Study Population: Older than 66 years treated with digoxin. The concomitant use of clarithromycin and digoxin was associated with increased risk of hospitalization due to digoxin toxicity in the elderly. estimated that patients who were hospitalized due to digoxin toxicities while using digoxin were around 12 times more likely to have been treated with clarithromycin. Drug Toxicity/ Adverse Event: Hyperkalemia Possible Mechanism of Action: ACEIs and potassium sparing diuretics both increase serum potassium levels.Study Population: Older than 66 years treated with an ACEI. When used together they may precipitate hyperkalemia.

A 2001 study found that 21% of community-dwelling elderly US patients were on at least one of 33 potentially inappropriate medications.

If you think you may have a medical emergency, call 911.

As a result of potential adverse effects due to pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic changes in older people, certain medications should be avoided, or used cautiously with monitoring.

For more information on this information page, please contact ISMP Canada, 416-733-3131.

For information about the campaign partners please click on the links below.

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