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The whole edifice rested on a 19th century faith in Progress, propped up by a dogmatic commitment to materialism.As the former falters, the whole structure is in danger of collapse.Evolutionary science is in a depressed condition, despite all that the media do to put a bright face on the situation.They never tell you what biologists say behind closed doors, in their technical literature, or to a journalist with the temerity to ask difficult questions. In conclusion, your Curmudgeon will make a bold prediction: The publication of Bethell’s book will be on the Discoveroids’ list of the Top Ten events for 2017.If it rained last night, then it would be unsurprising that the lawn is wet.

We have seen that if materialism is true, then Darwinism — or something very much like it — must also be true.In other words, deduction derives the consequences of the assumed.Given the truth of the assumptions, a valid deduction guarantees the truth of the conclusion.Thus, to abduce from involves determining that is sufficient, but not necessary, for .For example, suppose we observe that the lawn is wet.

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