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The newfound post-1989 liberty and freedom have morphed into a way of understanding the individual or the state that may be alien to many of us now.Where else but in the east, he asks, can you find a shop that will sell you a fur coat in the middle of the night? Where else in Europe do you have access to a 24-hour Mc Donald’s delivery service?The slogan, which in Moldovan is “Jos alianţa”, refers to three oligarchs by the name of Vlad: Voronin (president of Moldova between 20 and head of the Moldovan Communist Party), Filat (prime minister of Moldova from 2009 to 2013 and head of the Liberal Democratic Party), and Plahotniuc (chief financial backer of the Democratic Party of Moldova).Having exited one of the newly built pale ale pubs in the city, I headed to the train station to entertain the prospect of making a day trip to Odessa, ultimately deciding against it for lack of time.The movement calls itself the Demnitate si Adevar movement (abbreviated to DA, the word for yes in Moldovan, Romanian and Russian — no language tensions here), which means “Dignity and Truth”.

Those factions today — the European Union and the sprawling Eurasian Customs Union — rival each other in influence and power.I had a look at what the tents in the area encroaching upon the family Christmas funfair had to say.The gathering seemed to be an eclectic alliance well represented by ex-servicemen who had served in Afghanistan and participated in the Transnistrian conflict in the early 90s (presumably on the pro-unification/Moldovan side).Even “webcam girl” jobs advertise “support for EU citizenship” as one of its perks (otherwise EU citizenship can be gained by proving sufficient Romanian heritage so as to gain a Romanian passport).On city centre walls and the backs of buildings, I occasionally saw the odd bit of graffiti satirising the precarious position of a country uncertain of where it’s heading and left as prey to oligarchs who have not hesitated in applying survivalist instincts to their seizure of assets and money-laundering under the premise: if I don’t do it, others will.

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