Who is ali wise dating

She made at least 137 additional calls into the voice mails of Victim No.2, at least 119 calls into the voice mails of Victim No.[hacked into another socialite's voicemail earlier this year, please note that the prosecutors asked for a little more time to prepare their case today and the judge adjourned it to January 14, 2010. And that rumor is the accusation that Ali Krieger’s girlfriend and Ashlyn Harris’ girlfriend are,… Nothing has ever been confirmed by either party, but we’ve seen the possibility that Ashlyn Harris’ girlfriend is Ali Krieger time and time again.

Wise used free software called “Spoof Card” to gain access to the voice mails.

But, for years now, there has been one rumor dogging us when it comes to members of the USWNT. But, Player Wives.com, you guys ran a post about Ali Krieger’s boyfriend a few years ago. But since that post first launched over four years ago, we’ve seen rumors of “Krashlyn” across the intrawebs.

It’s been sort of an elephant-in-the-room situation on the internet.

But, as CBS News Science and Technology correspondent Daniel Siebergreports, you might be surprised to learn just how easy it is to violate your privacy or even trick you.

A high-profile publicist is accused of hacking into the voice mail of some other women, including one who dated her ex-boyfriend.

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