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Alite didn’t take the stand at Burke’s murder trial last year, but he sparred with Gotti during the mob boss’ 2009 federal trial on charges that he approved the Gotterup killing.

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“I know there’s guys on the street who want me,” Alite said. So the next time you decide to write on the computer, try talking to your God to guide you and stand on your own two feet, not like a coward, a junkie or a liar.” “If you are really honest to that Bible that you claim, you will make amends with this family and finally apologize to them today!

Still, prosecutors said he was endowed with a more powerful status than other mob associates because of his ties to Junior and his sheer ruthlessness.

Alite estimates he made millions of dollars, owned nine homes, six businesses and three nightclubs. He said the priority now is keeping his 21-year-old son John Jr. “I took my kids to a Yankees game and it humbled me because we sat in the bleachers and I used to sit in box seats,” he explained.

He laughs at the mention of a major motion picture about the elder John Gotti that Junior backs — calling it a “Cinderella” fairy tale that takes liberties with the truth.

Alite, who spent several nights a week sleeping over the Gotti home in Howard Beach back in the day, said the Dapper Don couldn’t properly dress himself without the help of a tailor.

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