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Karena has started her fitness career from the age of 7 while she made her first fitness video for a school project and then she also ran her first half marathon at the age of 12 while she was just in school.After Karena finished her high school, she moved to Los Angeles where she began working as a certified personal trainer and there she also began working as a fitness model with top sport and fitness brands.Mostly to see the ridiculous cookie cutter, UNHEALTHY, plan that most people post to bait poor, uneducated, unfit women. Just like what I want to look like 😉 I read through the website, linked myself to the facebook group, and finally, signed up. Thankfully, I’ve been meal planning and prepping for some time now.You get EVERYTHING you need to get fit & lose weight including: Free Training, Coaching & Support Free Meal Plans That Are DELICIOUS Free Workouts That Are Challenging and EFFECTIVE and Burn Fat Free Access To Get Your Questions Answered And a LOT MORE! It’ll be filled with super skinny models telling us to eat 1200 calories a day and do hours of cardio and to not lift a single weight or else we will look like a man….. Lindsey Matthews pops up in a video, and she is no super skinny, bone thin model. A guide book comes with the program includes the work outs, meals, substitutions, and eating schedule. In the guide, it clearly explains how this plan is structured.Karena being a fitness model has a well-built body with height 5 ft. Karena has an American nationality and is of white ethnicity.She had done many hard works to be fit and healthy herself and to be a fitness trainer and model.Purchasing fresh produce and steaks were the only things I really had to worry about. I even took my wrap and no bake protein to the movies.The meals are pretty basic, which made prepping super easy. Here’s a look at some of the meals: Buffalo Ranch chicken, Raspberry Cheesecake Protein Shakes, Steak, Turkey Wraps, Sweet Potatoes, nightly desserts, and unlimited veggies…This is all part of my normal diet, so it wasn’t hard for me to eat this over and over again.

I generally ignore the spam in the “Sponsored” links that get mixed into my news feed, however, when I saw Lindsey Matthews’ link for this 15 day challenge, I clicked on it.

Honestly, I think this gave me more variety than I normally give myself.

I know there were several complaints about not having many meal choices.

An American fitness model, certified personal fitness trainer Karena Dawn was born on 22, March 1981 in Indianapolis, Indiana city located in the United States.

She is a famous television star with white ethnicity.

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