Who is sisqo dating

The remote controls need to be completely aligned on the tables or he can’t sleep.His closet must have everything hanging in perfect symmetry and his dresser drawers need to be perfectly packed, with each item rolled appropriately.

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But when a crime technician tested his hands for gunpowder, Andrews admitted he had fired the gun.

It was an ex-girlfriend and every line in that song was literally describing her to a tee.. Me and the other celebrity didn't really know each other like that. They put me on as the season finale and our episode was the highest rated of the season. If you had to pick one song on the new album to highlight, which would it be? If we do a video, he said he'd love to be a part of it.

It was a situation where me and the "Thong" girl started dating, and at the time it came out, she used to date this particular celebrity and I used to date the girl he was dating. He's really, really popular right now in music. I like different songs on this album for different reasons. As an artist, it's always good to have some sort of magic involved in what you're doing. You could do one of his endurance tests as a promotional stunt for the album.

Sisqó's PISSED at the impostor who got all sorts of perks at New York Fashion Week when people thought he was legit ...

and now the real singer's threatening to take legal action against the wannabe. he tried laughing off the episode after learning about it but Sisqó's tone changed when the guy tried cutting deals as Sisqó.

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