Who is stone cold steve austin dating

I remember watching “Rocky” back in ’76 or whenever it was, then getting up the next morning, drinking eggs, and running down the street…and now here I am meeting with this guy!

() And, again, it was just two guys from two different backgrounds, but Sly has a big athletic background, with all of his college activities, his boxing, and all of his action movies, and he’s a big MMA pro wrestling fan as well.

So we were still coming from two different worlds, but we met in his office one day, we hit it off like we’d known each other for ten years, and he offered me the part on the spot.

I accepted on the spot, I was in “The Expendables,” and it was an absolute thrill of a lifetime to be in that movie with all those people.

() So it was a way to push the envelope as far as trying to better myself as an actor, to take myself out of my comfort zone, and it was a learning experience.

BE: Your character suffers through a fugue state throughout much of the film.

BE: Yeah, actually, I was going to ask you about that.

"('The Stranger') was a very interesting script to read, but it was also very challenging.Doesn’t he deserve to be able to leave wrestling behind and pursue a new career?And if he doesn’t…well, look, if you want to be the one who tells him that, then you go right ahead. BE: Well, I finished watching “The Stranger” this morning. Not necessarily the most upbeat film, but good fun. () BE: So what brought you to “The Stranger” in the first place?In researching the fugue states and the sodium pentobarbital…if I’m saying that correctly…I’ve always listened to and heard other actors and actresses talk about the research that they’d done, and now having done what I did for this movie and listening to other actors talk, it’s finally really settling in for me.It’s a lot more apparent to me now how to prepare for a role, because if you don’t have your facts straight, you don’t have your facts straight. Did you guys have a pretty decent chemistry from the get-go? I loved working with her, and she’s a very talented actress. () She was very easy to get along with and a lot of fun, and she’s a great actress.

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