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The timing is right for this, as WWE has tried to assert its progressive nature utilizing a “Women’s Revolution” tag line.

I would balk at the company’s belief in its new generation of women, at least respective to an alteration in paradigm.

This isn’t usually what I do, because at first glance, I’m writing a news story here, at least based on the headline. We don’t know with certainty on December 20, 2017 that UFC and MMA superstar Ronda Rousey is going to debut next month, but if we’re being honest with ourselves, we “know” it’s going to happen.

On January 28, 2018, WWE’s second (or third) biggest event of the year takes place as the in New Orleans on April 8.

She’s a much better actual pro wrestler than both of those gentlemen, although Lesnar’s spectacle is one of a kind and Goldberg’s 2016-2017 run was enormously successful and wildly fun to watch.

Considering how much Vince adores Reigns, a shift seems unlikely. The only question will be whether WWE announces she’s in the match ahead of time or if she arrives as a surprise on the night of the show.

Long ballyhooed, it was obvious WWE was set to pull the trigger on SOMETHING involving these ladies, but in the end, this is about Ronda Rousey.

On Monday night’s RAW broadcast, Stephanie Mc Mahon made the “monumental” announcement of the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble match, which would be an over-the-top rope battle royal with the winner receiving the same reward as the men’s victor, a World Championship match at the biggest event of the year.

For the first Women’s Royal Rumble to matter outside of pro wrestling circles, there’s no more logical conclusion than for Ronda Rousey not just to compete in it, but to win it. The latter may be more likely, because the “shock” (not a shock) will put WWE all over ESPN, not to mention , and possibly even the network morning shows on Monday, January 29.

Folks, there is NO doubt in my mind that’s what’s going to happen. Nothing interests WWE more than this kind of non-wrestling attention.

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